The President's Message


It is hard to believe it’s October. (now November) Even worse there is snow already.   

Now, when looking for a car event to go to, you actually have to look for one.  No more of the multiple choice events on each weekend day.  When you find an event to go to, the mornings and late afternoons are cooler, so we probably won’t go as early or stay as late.  But, it is a good time to continue to show off our Mets.  Fall days can be some of the most comfortable cruising times of the year.  The vivid colors throughout the landscape are wonderful.  A Met driving through that scenery is always an eye catcher just like they were on our Met Magical Mystery tour earlier in the year. 

Does it matter where the Met shows up?  No way!  It attracts attention wherever.  Driving down the roads,  the Met draws high fives, phone cameras, thumbs up, etc. from the passerbys  going the other way So, make sure you have your Met out on the streets whenever possible.  A quick jaunt to the store, gas station, it doesn’t matter.  It won’t be long and everyone will be back in the garage for the winter.  Mechanical repairs and changes, paint, upholstery, etc will be keeping everyone busy during the “dark” season.   TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO CRUISE,—GET THOSE METS OUT!

Jeff Rich

Posted : November 5th, 2019