The President's Message


It’s not hard to imagine that another year has slipped by.  Every year is doing that lately.  Looking back, it was a great Met year.  Events happened all during the year, including the “Big One, the International Event in June in Colorado”.  All brought together our Met owner family for fun times and celebrations.  After all, that is what owning a Met is all about, having Met family outings, and showing off the Met to the rest of the world.

Well, more family events are on the horizon.  Here comes 2020.  Can you imagine, you 1954 Met owners, that your car will be 66 years old?  And still running?  Just like some of us!  The winter season has set into many places here in North America, pushing the Met inside, covered and cozy.  Other Mets are inside, but torn apart, being prepared for the new season ahead. New parts, new paint, new upholstery, some, or all of the aforementioned being targeted for completion by Spring.  Each brings a new excitement to the year, looking forward to being “on the road” when ice and heavy rains disappear. 

That is the target, get those Mets on the road!  Each year brings new events, some at the same locations , and others at new,  different locations, again exposing the rest of the world to enjoyment of the Met.

Every event we go to, the Met is a magnet for spectators of all ages.  Some have owned one at some time in the past, others have known someone who had owned one, others don’t know what it is and are curious.  It doesn’t matter what age or gender, everyone is fascinated by the Met, and all, only use the lovable description of “CUTE”. 

Enjoy those moments in the garage, with the expectation and anticipation that 2020 will be another special Met Year.  HAPPY NEW MET YEAR 2020.

Jeff Rich

Posted : December 27th, 2019