The President's Message


Every Met member is a Happy one, because they are part of the Met family, owning or have owned one of the "Cute" little cars.  We all have favorite Met owners, but none have been at the top of the list as long as Leonard "Robbie" Robison.  Leonard was one of the first members of the PNMOC joining in 1980 and was a vibrant part of the club with enthusiasm and knowledge of the little "Met".

On August 7, Leonard passed-on leaving a large void in our local club.  If there was ever a vested member, it was Leonard.  He always wore his red Metropolitan jacket, and could be seen from anywhere. In meetings his participation was frequent and straightforward.  While he usually would be easy going and expressive, he never pulled any punches when talking about Mets or Met history.  With questions, stories, experiences, or advice, his right arm, enclosed in his red Met jacket, would frequently be in the air raising his hand at all meetings.  While 'kicking tires' in the parking lot, he was a world of knowledge.  At 93 years old, he truly had a special "Met" life.  Our sympathies go out to his wife Shirley and family.

Leonard always was a vocal proponent of having our Mets on the road and visible to the public.  Everyone, of certain age, has a story about the Met.  At the recent car shows we've been attending, the conversations are non-stop.  These people from all over must have been related, as there were not that many Mets produced.  This is the perfect time to have your Met out.  Fall is approaching, so the weather is not quite as hot, and the car shows are abundant everyday of the weekend.  Weeknight cruise-ins are still common.  Make sure you are a part of this fun.  Get your Met out regularly!  September is on its way.

Jeff Rich

Posted : August 19th, 2019